Here I am, spewing long rambles on self-love and beauty, about “being the change” and fighting for what’s right. Here I am saying that we, as young adults, should be standing on the same foundation as generations before us. From my mouth I asserted that I, in particular, seemed to have it all together and … More hypocrisy



loud footsteps on old floors the tile chills your spine as you run run run run away from the dreams thoughts haunting your sleep like a predator to its prey you are hunted in more ways than one sleep brings on the fear so you don’t do that anymore now, you run run run run … More #0120

Tones and Tunes

Today, we will allow to quiet to subside. I’m going to start this year off with a few of my favorite songs of 2015. These are the things I couldn’t skip on Apple Music from 2015, or oldies that I have loved for years and they’ve lasted through the years; along with the song names … More Tones and Tunes


some words taste better than others on the tongue but none taste nearly as bittersweet as each syllable each consonant as the clear, defining whisper of a word that is silence


has your mother ever told you that it isn’t polite to stare? but i can’t help myself as I look into your eyes and I see so much going on underneath the muddles browns and greys that I couldn’t look away. Can one person be so open and so reserved? What else is going on … More #1223


“I will come back to you, I swear I will; And you will know me still. I shall be only a little taller Than when I went.” Edna St. Vincent Millay The semester is over, so I should be taking a break from worrying over classes and finals and cramming. And I have. But a … More evaluation.


I tried to call you today but I couldn’t bring my fingers to the screen and they shook too much so I ended up calling a 1-800 number and started crying about how unfair it all is (“it” I don’t really know and neither did the lady that answered my call) and why I can’t … More 1112

Learning Greek

“The moon looked like melted mozzarella to my bleary and blurry vision. Was I tired, intoxicated, or in love? Or was I sober, asleep, and alone?
” Jarod Kintz , At even one penny, this book would be overpriced. In fact, free is too expensive, because you’d still waste time by reading it. “Tired” does not even … More Learning Greek


color me in shadows with dark paint and brush strokes so fine that I can barely be  seen. wish me in the clouds whisk me away to a world unknown and bright and so, so blue-  picture me lost in this unknown world so blue and I, in the shadows, am lost to the ways … More #1007


take toll of the decision to let live and let go. to a time when the sounds of birds chirping signified nothing in particular. because sounds of the living were a behavior of all. before things got tense and words were clipped with short tones and course voices when the birds didn’t chirp